Arab World

True Islamic Ideologies

This is a VERY IMPORTANT article discussing how Islamic scholars gathered to debunk all the ideologies of ISIS(or ISIL) and to prove that Islam does not support or condone such violent and repugnant behavior. It’s very important for this article to be made more public because many people do in fact believe that Islam advocates such atrocious ideologies. In the article you can find the actual document the Islamic scholars wrote to refute ISIS’s misinterpretation of Islam. As a Muslim, it’s very significant for me to dismantle any misconceptions about Islam and to illuminate the true beliefs of the religion. This is not a religion that supports violence and terrorism, rather it is a religion that promotes equality and peace. Please, please read this article and spread the word.

Courage and Hope Amid Turmoil

The Arab Spring may have failed to produce democratic and free governments in most Arab nations, but it succeeded in planting courage within the hearts of thousands, Arab or not. Thousands have been protesting from every corner of the world for Palestine regardless of the consequences, as evidenced in Paris, where thousands gathered to condemn the Israeli occupation despite the ban on pro-Palestine protests. It is that courage and determination that will eventually lead to a free Palestine, and more broadly, to democratic Arab nations that will strive to stand united and strong in the face of western political pressure regardless of the cost.