I’m Limah, an Arab-American college student studying International Relations with a minor in French and Philosophy. I was born and raised in a small, urban town in New Jersey. Growing up Muslim and Arab in America allowed me to appreciate both Eastern and Western ideals, and etched deep into my personality a concoction of both cultures. I consider myself the hyphen that connects “Arab-American,” a gray area, a middle ground, although often its difficult to find in a world where both cultures are at bitter odds.

I started this blog to dismantle any misperceptions and misconceptions people have about Islam, Arabs, and Americans. I feel that its my duty, as someone whose identity is a combination of both, to illuminate the truth that so often goes unnoticed, or deliberately buried. This blog functions as a stage where I can voice my thoughts and opinion on current events, global affairs, and social and political issues. This is where I think out loud.

Mission Statement:
This blog is dedicated to delivering newsworthy information and to articulating opinions cemented in evidence and facts to maintain its credibility and integrity.

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